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A little About Me...

I’ve been around photography my whole life. I am a Navy Brat which means we moved around with my father's Navy assignments. My father was a photographer and I learned about film development in my his darkroom.

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic and I took photos of friends and family and I enjoyed making scrapbooks out of my photos. I have a wonderful husband, Bob and we raised 4 boys. Along the way I photographed our children in all their activities and I made a photo albums for every year.

During our years in Roanoke, Virginia I enrolled in a Photoshop course which was part of their Communication Design AA degree program. It was an incredible experience. I was instructed in graphic design, photography, art and website design. I absorbed as much as I could and worked for a few years in graphic design before moving to North Carolina.

When my husband and I lived in North Carolina, I began to photograph in earnest. There were many opportunities to connect with other photographers. I joined camera clubs, notably the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association and Charlotte Camera Club. I became the president of the Charlotte Camera Club and I hosted photo trips for the clubs. And I participated in many workshops in the Carolinas and Tennessee with some fantastic teachers. I was able to learn and improve my photo skills in a beautiful part of our world.

However now Arizona is home. My husband and I have moved to the Phoenix area to be closer to Grandchildren. I currently belong to the Province Photography Club and the Sun Lakes Camera Club here in the Phoenix area. I photograph events for our community magazine. There are so many photographic opportunities here in Arizona and vicinity and I am excited to explore.

Phyllis Peterson